Go Lang

  • Stream: Why we switched from Python to Go
    • Advantages
      1. Performance: Go is typically 30 times faster than Python
      2. Language Performance Matters
      3. Developer Productivity & Not Getting Too Creative
      4. Concurrency & Channels: Goroutines are Go’s lightweight approach to threading, and channels are the preferred way to communicate between goroutines.
      5. Fast Compile Time
      6. The Ability to Build a Team
      7. Strong Ecosystem
      8. Gofmt, Enforced Code Formatting
      9. gRPC and Protocol Buffers
    • Disadvantages
      1. Lack of Frameworks
      2. Error Handling: it’s easy to forget to handle an error by accident
      3. Package Management
    • all performance-intensive code will be written in Go
  • dep - Dependency management for Go
  • Virtualgo: Easy and powerful workspace based development for go


GU Self-checkout

趁著清明連假去了一趟福岡,剛好在天神的 GU 看到了自動結帳機器,顧客只要把整個籃子的衣服放進去底下的小櫃子中,機器就會在幾秒鐘內辨識出所有的產品並結算出總金額,最後再用現金或信用卡付款,整個結帳的速度比櫃檯的店員一件一件商品刷條碼快多了,只是結帳完後要自己將商品裝進袋子,沒有店員幫忙裝。